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Rainbow Clubhouse created their 'Crazy Wall'

Rainbow Clubhouse Creates their 'Crazy Wall'

At a recent House meeting the idea of creating an art piece for Rainbow Clubhouse's entrance wall was discussed. Immediately the community became very excited and all chose to get involved.

The fun started one Wednesday as part of their late night opening in August. Their members chose what they wanted to do from shapes, to colours. 

The day was full of fun and laughter despite the scattered showers throughout the day.

We protected the wall and materials throughout, however we patiently waited for the rain to subside to just see if the rain redesigned our piece or added some extra creativity to it.


The finished piece of art is amazing and the clubhouse community couldn’t be prouder of their work.

This piece will forever be a reminder of how proud ann members and staff are to work side-by-side in a community of inclusiveness while creating an attractive space for all to enjoy.

                     End Result

Later all the members and staff finished the day with delicious food and a well-deserved rest.

A clubhouse that works together stays together #clubhouseworks

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