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Rainbow Conference for World Mental Health Day 2022

October 10th 2022 was this year’s World Mental Health Day and Rainbow Clubhouse decided to host a member conference to build awareness of a holistic approach to improving our Mental Health Wellbeing.  Members and staff looked into eight dimensions which build an all-round support system to wellness. Talks were held on dimensions of Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Intellectual, occupational, Physical, Social and Spiritual wellness.

For each dimension Rainbow raised awareness, shared experiences and poke about ways to support and improve health and quality of each dimension.

Members and staff in turn discussed ways that being a Clubhouse Member supports each of these dimension too.   

Talks were broken up through-out the day with break outs, lively chat and healthy food and treats!


The day finished up with some mindfulness take home tips and a distress meditation.

Everyone reported to have an enjoyable day and said they learned ways to support themselves to have healthy Mental Health.

Everyone went home a happier person and members and staff feel this day was a ‘Mental Health Wellness’ success!

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