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Visit to Suaimhneas Clubhouse’s Allotment

Conai Clubhouse members and staff took an hour out of their day to visit the award winning allotment created by the members and staff of Suaimhneas Clubhouse. They spent an hour in the allotment, which is located in Raheny.  It is a colourful place with a nice blue fence.  The allotment was a sight be behold, it had a scarecrow made of silver pots which looked like the tin man and a pair of legs which appeared to be coming up from the ground! There was a yellow walk way too which all added to the Wizard of Oz theme.

The allotment has a large rhubarb plot, cabbage, flowers and bushes and shrubs. It was very impressive and creative.

If you want to learn more about Suaimhneas and/or their allotment, check out their blog posts.

Visit to Suaimhneas Clubhouse’s Allotment 2

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