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Rainbow Clubhouse, EVE - Champions of Change

Champions of Change

Champions of change is the Rainbow Clubhouse community who have come together to foster relationships and to improve and promote the ethos of Clubhouse. All members within the clubhouse participated in a decision making meeting to devise the structure of  their "champions of change” which are ‘Unit Reps’, ‘Tour Guides’ and ‘Buddies’. Members put themselves forward to represent an area that they are most confident to provide support within the Clubhouse.


The Buddy system fosters relationships, encourages peer-led learning and supports. This system connects person-to-person and gives members a  companion in which they can go to for guidance, if and when needed. The Buddy system offers a friendly face to a new or existing member working side-by-side in the running of the Clubhouse.

The tour guides give inductions and show new members, staff and visitors around the clubhouse. The tour guide familiarises the person with the structure of the Clubhouse and gives them a snapshot of what  the Work Ordered Day may look like within the Clubhouse. The tour guides would encourage opporitinty and may give the indiviidual insight into how the Clubhouse works.

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The unit reps would be members who would be most familiar with the everyday running of their units. A place where they can demonstrate their stregths talents and abilities.

The Rainbow Clubhouse community supports are structured into four main parts within the clubhouse. These are: Education, Employment, Housing and Socials. Community support services are provided by members and staff of the Clubhouse.


The Clubhouse is open five days a week and so it offers a routine which parallels to a typical working day. This supports members into Transional Employment (TE) as they are learning employable skills. The Clubhouse enables its members to return to paid work through Transitional Employmment, Supported Employment, and independent Employment.


The Clubhouse assists members to reach their vocational and aducational goals by helping them take advantage of education opportunities in the community. The Clubhouse also provides a in house educational programme, it significantly utilises the teaching and tutoring skills of members.

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The Clubhouse is commited to securing a range of choices of safe, decent and affordable housing including independent living opportunities for all members.


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