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EVE World Cup 2023

EVE World Cup 2023

Its was that time of year when all the training was to be rewarded and football boots came out for one final kick.......yes, the EVE World Cup!

This has been the 4th EVE football tournament and our biggest yet! There were 12 teams from all over Dublin, Wicklow and Kildare competing on the day to be the best. TU Dublin had the pitches prepared and ready to go. The Order of Malta was with us in case of injuries and we were blessed with great weather and great organisers.

We started out with a warmup led by Dublin City Council and the FAI and then the games began!

The standard of play was high and competition was keen. After 2 hours of battling it out on the pitch it came down to two teams.......Tuiscint and Hail United. The standard of play was very high and the training and preparation that people put in was evident but at the end of the day Hail United became the 2023 EVE World Cup champions!

                        EVE World Cup Winers  Tusicint Runners Up

Many thanks to all the people who made the day happen from Paddy in EVE Goirtin, Mitch in Dublin City Council, the FAI, TU and their superb facilities and all the players and supporters that generated a great atmosphere to make it one of the most enjoyable days of the year so far.

Light Pink Collage_EVE WC

Roll on EVE Word Cup 2024!

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