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Centre Connections!

As part of New Horizon's Non-Core Hour Activities, they joined up with Cherryfield on 21st February to play some pool, listen to music, have a good time and eat some food - a delicious cream cake was presented and devoured!

Everyone who arrived and attended the activity had a great time. It was noted that there were a couple of pool sharks from Cherryfield....note for the next time! The overall winner was Thomas from Cherryfield. COngratulations Thomas.  A sepcial mention to the New Horizon manager who beat the Cherryfield manager in a game, we will say no say no more!

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The connection, camaraderie and friendliness was felt in the room by all on the night.

Many thanks to Cherryfield for hosting this fantastic evening!

To learn more about New Horizon and Cherryfield, visit their social media accounts: 



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