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Café Club

The next Café Club is happening in Saol Clubhouse on Thursday, April 25th from 4 pm-6 pm and all are welcome. Saol Clubhouse will have speakers present to discuss the topic of Nutrition, Food & Healthy Ageing.

The cafe is open to all members of EVE services and local community groups that have been invited, as well as past and present members of Saol Clubhouse.

Saol Clubhouse asks that anyone who is planning on attending please confirm your attendance by noon on the day of the event, as this will create a list of attendees each day. Please call 01 830 7455 to confirm your attendance. If directions are needed, also phone this number.

There will be a healthy snack and tea/coffee served!

Also coming up for Café Club:

Tuesday 14th of May (2 pm-4 pm) they have a Rights & Entitlements workshop with INTREO

Thursday 30th of May (4 pm-6 pm) they have a presentation delivered by Shine

Please see the poster below: 

cafe club may

To learn more about Saol Clubhouse, please visit their social media platforms: 



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